21st ITPA Divertor and Scrape-Off Layer TG Meeting

June 9-12th, 2015 Princeton, NJ USA


Group booking

There is a group booking of 40 rooms at the Princeton Crowne Plaza Hotel until April 20th, 2015 at a special negotiated rate of $109/night including breakfast, subject to state tax at 7% and occupancy tax at 5%. These rooms are available on a first-come first-served basis. Participants are encouraged to register with the Hotel using this link or contacting our reservation department at 855-765-8708. Ask for the Princeton Plasma Physics rate. Corporate ID is 100861832. All reservations should be made by April 20th , 2015.


General Information on the Crowne Plaza Hotel is available here.

If a traveler does not have a credit card, a cash deposit will be required upon check in at the front desk.



Agenda updated
June 8 2015

Bus timetable updated
June 5 2015!

Richard Pitts (IO) will present a colloquium “Handling Plasma Wall Interactions on ITER” at PPPL at 4:00 Monday June 8th.

email: DivSol21@pppl.gov